FLASH fights against sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically in the legal profession

Sexual harassment in the workplace has not gone away, despite all of the advances for women in our society. In fact, in some professions, like the legal profession, it has basically been swept under the rug for decades….

Until recently. More and more women in the legal profession are coming forward about instances of sexual harassment in the workplace. That is why Tania K. Harvey and a group of women attorneys in Illinois have formed a group called FLASH (Force of Lawyers Against Sexual Harassment). 

Their vision is “To create and foster a safe, respectful and intersectional professional environment for all Illinois legal professionals that adopts a zero-tolerance approach to sexism, sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault.” 

The organization is going to raise awareness and accountability by developing a code of conduct, raising awareness, collecting and analyzing data, and by providing direct advocacy and support around issues of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Sexual harassment in the legal profession needs to end and judges, law firms, attorneys, and additional legal professionals need to do their part. You can become a member of FLASH and help fight against sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Force of Lawyers Against Sexual Harassment are working to stop sexual harassment in the workplace

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