Family Law Resources

At The Law Office of Tania K. Harvey, we want to ensure that you have all of the information and support you need to guide you through the process. You probably have a million questions and concerns and we strive to address them all. These family law resources can provide some additional information, to deepen your understanding of the family law process.

General Family Law Resources

  • Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois: This family law resource has a wealth of information about the collaborative law process and the ideal that ground collaboration and mediation.
  • Collaborative Resolution Project: This project examines the people, process, and principles of collaborative law and mediation. On this website you will find a series of blog posts and podcasts with a variety of topics related to alternative dispute resolution.
  • Cook County Government: On this website the government provides legal resources and links to case law for family law cases.
  • Cook County Public Guardian: This website provides tips on how to help your child through the divorce process as well as links to other services to support your family through divorce.
  • Coparently: Here you will find numerous tools to facilitate a successful co-parenting agreement once your case has been resolved.
  • DuPage County Community Resource Information System: If you are looking for resources related to mental health, income supports and employment, or other social emotional services, this organization will connect you with the professional you need.
  • DuPage County Family Center: This website provides numerous links to documents and websites with information and support for those pursuing divorce and those who have finalized a divorce.
  • Health and Family Services Child Support Calculator: This tool provides a general idea, or estimate, of child support.
  • Parent Support Project for DuPage County: This comprehensive list for parents includes resources for children’s medical and mental health and parent support groups.
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