Happy Holidays From Your Wheaton Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

/ December 19, 2022/ Happy Holidays

Warmest wishes for a holiday full of peace, joy, and love. As a Wheaton collaborative divorce lawyer, I know the holiday season can be difficult. You can and you deserve to have a happy holiday. If you need any legal support during the holiday season, we are here to help.

Mental Health Issues and Divorce | Collaborative Divorce in Wheaton

/ October 17, 2022/ Collaborative Divorce

With World Mental Health Day on October 10th, it is essential that we acknowledge the impact divorce can have on many individuals. The truth is, the effects of mental health issues are real and have a strong impact on many families. A divorce is already an incredibly stressful situation. When there is the addition of mental health issues a collaborative

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How divorce affects children | Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Illinois

/ September 5, 2022/ Children and Divorce

It is normal for children to experience sadness and anger when their parents divorce. As a collaborative divorce attorney in Illinois, I know that many people are concerned about how their kids will react to their new family situation. It is important to remember that children react differently based on their age and personality. It’s also important to remember that

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Co parenting and Collaborative Divorce

/ September 21, 2020/ co parenting

Early this month, I was featured by Collaborative Divorce Illinois. I was asked to discuss the benefits of the collaborative divorce process. Aside from saving you time and money and giving you power over the results of your divorce agreement, collaborative divorce uniquely positions you and your partner to devise a co parenting agreement that is beneficial to everyone. A

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