Who gets the pets in an Illinois Divorce?

/ June 13, 2022/ Pets in Illinois Divorce

Divorce happens for many Americans today, and it’s not unusual for people to share pets with their spouses. In fact, about 40% of pet owners in the United States acquired their pet with someone else, such as their ex-spouse or their deceased spouse. If you are getting an Illinois Divorce, part of the process will be determining what happens to

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Tania K. Harvey, a family lawyer in Wheaton Illinois has some tips on how to get a divorce when you have a toxic marriage

/ August 19, 2021/ Divorce Tips

Sometimes, a partnership becomes poisonous and even violent. As a family lawyer in Wheaton Illinois, Tania K. Harvey has helped clients navigate these particularly difficult situations to make divorce possible.  You don’t want to wait any longer if you have been subjected to physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, stalking behaviors, or economic exploitation. This is because these behaviors rarely de-escalate

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As a divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Tania K. Harvey has some tips for women going through a divorce

/ March 10, 2021/ Divorce Tips

Divorce can be a difficult process, especially for women who are balancing family and their profession. Professional women have worked incredibly hard to achieve at work and don’t want to risk their career or hurt their children by participating in an ugly divorce process.  Certified Divorce Coach, Andrea Javor, founder of Happily Better After, has leveraged her personal and professional

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