Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Wheaton Illinois | What does Collaborative Divorce Illinois do

/ March 22, 2023/ Collaborative Divorce

Tania K. Harvey is the 2023 Collaborative Divorce Illinois (CDI) President Elect. The CDI is an organization dedicated to helping couples navigate the difficult waters of divorce through alternative dispute resolution. Tania K. Harvey, collaborative divorce lawyer in Wheaton Illinois, has been committed to empowering clients with an alternative approach to divorce. Contact her today at 312-803-5845 for a consultation

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Mental Health Issues and Divorce | Collaborative Divorce in Wheaton

/ October 17, 2022/ Collaborative Divorce

With World Mental Health Day on October 10th, it is essential that we acknowledge the impact divorce can have on many individuals. The truth is, the effects of mental health issues are real and have a strong impact on many families. A divorce is already an incredibly stressful situation. When there is the addition of mental health issues a collaborative

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Cost of Collaborative Divorce Illinois

/ May 24, 2022/ Collaborative Divorce

In most cases, the cost of collaborative divorce Illinois is less expensive than going through the court system. This is a recent and hard-earned alternative to a traditional divorce. It’s an option that allows couples to avoid the costly and emotionally draining process of going through the courts.  What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce is a process where a team

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