Mental Health Issues and Divorce | Collaborative Divorce in Wheaton

/ October 17, 2022/ Collaborative Divorce

With World Mental Health Day on October 10th, it is essential that we acknowledge the impact divorce can have on many individuals. The truth is, the effects of mental health issues are real and have a strong impact on many families. A divorce is already an incredibly stressful situation. When there is the addition of mental health issues a collaborative

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Common Causes of Divorce | Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Wheaton

/ October 3, 2022/ Causes of Divorce

Divorce is a painful and difficult experience for everyone involved. As a collaborative divorce attorney in Wheaton, I have seen many different situations that led to divorce. Typically, there are multiple factors that contribute to the breakup of a marriage including major life events and difficulties in the marriage.  Major Life Changes Can Lead to Divorce There are many events

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