Divorce is a significant life event that can have profound emotional, financial, and social implications. To mitigate the negative effects, it is essential to have a divorce lawyer Wheaton Illinois who can make sure the process goes smoothly. The Law Office of Tania K. Harvey is committed to making sure our clients pursue the most innovative and effective approach for their divorce. Call our offices at 312-803-5845 for a free consultation today. 

While every marriage and its end are unique, there are common themes as to why couples choose to part ways. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons people get divorced, backed by relevant statistics and expert opinions.


Infidelity, the betrayal of trust within a committed relationship, is a leading cause of divorce worldwide. According to the American Psychological Association, extramarital affairs contribute to approximately 20-40% of divorces. In many cases, the discovery of infidelity can shatter trust and make it difficult to rebuild the foundation of the marriage.

Infidelity occurs when a person feels that their partner has violated relationship norms by interacting with someone outside of the marriage. It can be any type of secret sexual or emotional act and constitutes a breach of trust. Although many states, including Illinois, are no-fault divorce states, infidelity can lead to feelings of betrayal that people may find it difficult to move past.

Divorce Lawyer Wheaton Illinois | The Law Office of Tania K Harvey | Divorce Lawyer Near Me
Divorce Lawyer Wheaton Illinois | The Law Office of Tania K Harvey | Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Communication Problems

Effective communication is vital for any relationship to flourish. However, when communication channels break down, unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings can accumulate, leading to feelings of resentment and frustration. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, communication problems are cited as the top reason for divorce by 65% of respondents.

When it is difficult to communicate, it is difficult to maintain a connection and solidify a bond over time. If you don’t share your feelings, thoughts, and desires, you and your partner will have difficulty making sure your current and future goals align and will not be able to forge a clear path together to realize those goals.

If communication is a factor that is leading to divorce, it is important to have a divorce lawyer Wheaton Illinois that can facilitate that communication. You likely want the divorce process to go smoothly and to not have to argue about little things throughout. The attorneys at The Law Office of Tania K. Harvey have the experience and training to make sure you can get through this process in an effective and amicable manner.

Divorce Lawyer Wheaton Illinois | The Law Office of Tania K Harvey | Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Financial Issues

Financial strain can put a significant strain on a marriage, leading to increased arguments, stress, and a breakdown in trust. A study conducted by Utah State University found that financial disagreements were a primary factor in 22% of divorces analyzed (Dew, 2012). Disagreements over spending habits, debt, and unequal financial contributions can escalate, undermining the stability of the relationship.

One partner may want to adhere to a strict budget while the other may engage in carefree spending habits. The way you manage money as a couple is an important issue to discuss and to continue to talk about and monitor. If you are always in an argument about who is spending what, that will lead to more stress and can be emotionally draining. 

Divorce Lawyer Wheaton Illinois | The Law Office of Tania K Harvey | Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling marriage. However, when emotional and physical intimacy diminishes over time, couples may feel emotionally disconnected. A lack of intimacy can spark feelings of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and may eventually lead to divorce. Research conducted by Lawrence Stone and colleagues at the University of Arizona revealed that a lack of intimacy contributed to approximately 20% of divorces studied (Stone et al., 2019).


Incompatibility refers to a mismatch in core values, personality traits, or life goals that make it difficult for a couple to sustain a fulfilling partnership. This can include irreconcilable differences in religious beliefs, parenting styles, political views, or career aspirations. 

In many cases, couples may have started off on the same page and discussed common goals. However, over time people may have changed their views or long term goals and the partners are now going in different directions. A study published in found that incompatibility was the reason given for divorce in 43% of surveyed cases (Amato & Previti, 2003).

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Divorce is a complex and deeply personal decision, influenced by unique circumstances and individual experiences. While the reasons for divorce can vary, understanding the common underlying factors provides insight into the challenges couples face. Infidelity, communication problems, financial issues, lack of intimacy, and incompatibility have consistently emerged as the top reasons for divorce.

Remember, maintaining open and honest communication, placing emphasis on emotional connection, and seeking to resolve conflicts through compromise can help build healthier and more enduring relationships.

If you find yourself contemplating divorce or experiencing marital difficulties, seeking professional guidance from a therapist or marriage counselor can provide valuable support in navigating these challenging times. And, our divorce lawyer Wheaton Illinois can help you through the process. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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