During the holiday season, it can be difficult for divorced families. With so many transitions and traditions to deal with, keeping everyone happy is a tall order. If you’ve participated in a collaborative divorce Wheaton, you likely have a solid plan in place. That is the first step to ensure you have a good holiday season. However, there are some additional things you can do to make the season easier for you and your family. 

Having clear responsibilities can create consistency

To make the holidays easier for your family, try to come up with a list of who’s responsible for what. Make sure that you and your ex agree on the responsibilities, and update the list periodically so nobody forgets about it. The most important part of this is making sure you have all covered the bases before asking others to help out with things like gift-giving or outfits for holiday parties.

Having set responsibilities and a schedule can ensure that you or your former partner are not caught off guard by last minute requests from one another. Also, it will ensure that events and tasks are divided up, so that nobody is overwhelmed with additional responsibilities or overstepping boundaries. It is possible that your collaborative divorce Wheaton has already resulted in a clear division of responsibility, but if you don’t have a solid plan, creating one will alleviate some stress. 

If you have children, get them involved

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Let your kids be in charge of some holiday traditions. Involve them in the planning process, and let them make some choices about what you’ll be doing for the holidays. This will give them a sense of ownership over the season, which can boost their self-esteem.

Depending on their ages, kids can pick out gifts for their family members and friends. They can also help plan holiday menus and help you prepare the meal. Kids can also help decorate the house and clean up when the holiday is over. Most kids love the holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, so they can participate and get more invested in what is happening. 

Maintain your child’s custody schedule.

When it comes to holidays, you may be tempted to make your child’s schedule fit with yours. After all, this is the time of year when you’d really like them with you. But if that disrupts their custody agreement, do not change anything without talking with the other parent first. If they’re comfortable with your plans and are willing to make adjustments, then go ahead and plan a fun holiday season together! However, if the other parent objects or seems unwilling or unable to meet the new schedule, stick with the agreement that is already in place. 

Make sure your children feel comfortable transitioning back and forth between both households. Nothing is more stressful than having to drop everything at the last minute when your child needs you, so consistency is key. The most important thing is that your children feel included and loved by everyone around them. It’s okay if this sometimes means giving up some of the traditions you’ve established for yourself as a couple or family unit. 

A collaborative divorce Wheaton takes all of your family’s needs into consideration, so you will likely have an easier time during the holiday season. However, revisiting the agreement and having a conversation with your former partner can ensure that everyone is ready for the holidays. 

A collaborative divorce Wheaton, can set you up for success for the holiday season

The holidays can be tough after a divorce. You had traditions in place and likely have a lot of joyous memories of parties, events, and family gatherings. It is normal to feel a sense of loss for that nostalgia. However, you can make it through a little easier by having some consistency and making the best out of this new situation. 

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is to remember that new and different doesn’t have to be bad. You and your family are resilient and the holiday season can still be enjoyable. When you participate in a collaborative divorce Wheaton, your legal team will make sure you plan for the future and establish schedules and boundaries for the holidays. Contact The Law Office of Tania K. Harvey today for a consultation about how collaborative divorce Wheaton can work for you. 

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