Divorce is a painful and difficult experience for everyone involved. As a collaborative divorce attorney in Wheaton, I have seen many different situations that led to divorce. Typically, there are multiple factors that contribute to the breakup of a marriage including major life events and difficulties in the marriage. 

Major Life Changes Can Lead to Divorce

There are many events that are considered major milestones in life. However, they are not always the easiest for couples to get through. Some of those life changes that can cause discord in the marriage are:

  • Birth of a child  
  • A loved one dying  
  • Major career changes  
  • Health / medical problems  
  • Retirement 

All of these events can bring a lot of emotions into a relationship. They can also reveal fundamental differences between spouses and put pressure on the relationship. Spouses may realize they have different views on raising a child or about the lifestyle they want to have. They may have different coping strategies when tragedy happens that can put distance between them. Whatever the issue, some couples cannot find common ground and these major life changes can lead to divorce.

Being a collaborative divorce attorney in Wheaton means I have helped numerous clients work out through the issues of these major life changes. The collaborative process allows you and your former partner to be future focused and ensure that your goals are met. Contact The Law Office of Tania K. Harvey today for a consultation. 

Common relationship problems that go unaddressed or unresolved can create a permanent rift

  • Communication problems – When communication breaks down, it’s easy for couples to miss subtle signs that their relationship is in trouble. They may even feel like things are fine between them when they aren’t, because they don’t know what else they could possibly need from each other. The truth is that if you haven’t talked through all the important issues, then something is probably wrong. 
  • Overdependence – Overdependence is a relationship in which one person depends on the other to provide everything, including emotional fulfillment. Overdependence can cause stress and other difficulties for the person who is relied on to provide everything. They may start to resent their partner for not contributing enough to the relationship.
  • Sexual compatibility – Couples are told to make sure before marriage that they are on the same page about kids, finances, politics, and travel. They often do not discuss or ensure they are on the same page about sex. Sexual incompatibility is one of the most common reasons for divorce. When partners have different needs regarding intimacy that don’t align, it can cause them to split up.
  • Financial disagreements – When you and your partner have different financial goals or philosophies about spending and saving money, disagreements can arise. In addition, if there is a large income disparity between the two, the primary breadwinner can feel that their partner is not contributing enough. To have a lasting relationship you need to be on the same page about how much to spend on groceries, to save for retirement, to utilize for a home, and other financial issues. 
  • Growing apart – Two people who were once close may grow apart over time as their interests change and they pull in different directions. It’s important for couples to acknowledge this possibility from the beginning; otherwise, one or both partners may feel trapped into staying together even when they are no longer happy or compatible with each other. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love each other anymore, it means their interests have diverged and will likely not come back together. 

As a collaborative divorce attorney in Wheaton, I can help you with your divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence in the United States and as a collaborative divorce attorney in Wheaton, I have seen a variety of reasons why marriages end in divorce. At our firm, we take an alternative approach to divorce, which means choosing the best path for our clients. We will make sure you have the freedom you need to enjoy your future. 

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